Debunking Misconceptions About GED


A general education diploma (GED) gives individuals needing adult education opportunities to have their learnings and skills recognized and evaluated. Some individuals get their GED to pursue higher education, while others take the test to get jobs or enlist in military service.


Doubts about the value of a GED are causing unnecessary distress for what could be a life-changing score for many individuals. It’s time to clear these misconceptions about the General Education Diploma in Pennsylvania. If you’re having second thoughts about getting your GED, here are some insights that will help ease your worries.


  • Myth 1: There’s an age limit to taking GED.

    While there is a minimum age to take a GED, there is no age limit. You can never be too old to qualify for General Education in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. As soon as you want to complete your high school equivalency, you’re welcome to take a GED program.

  • Myth 2: General Education Diploma in Delaware County isn’t widely accepted.

    In the modern world, countless employers are starting to look beyond resumes and focus on one’s skills and values. It’s safe to say that most employers requiring a high school diploma also accept Customer Service Certification.

  • Myth 3: Getting a GED is easy because it’s the same each year.

    Every learner has a unique GED experience. However, this may be true for those who signed up for adult education, as most of them are more likely to take the test out of their own free will.

Kisasa Institute of Adult Education is determined to help individuals succeed in life. Whether getting your GED or a Paid Job Placement in Philadelphia County, you can trust us to assist you every step of the way.

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