Paid Job Placements for Out-of-School Youth


What is a paid job placement in Philadelphia County? What do job placement agencies do in order to help their clients?


Contacting a job placement agency can be a terrific approach for job seekers with a general education diploma in Pennsylvania to identify businesses looking for applicants with skills, traits, and career goals. Placement firms collaborate with companies and job seekers to match skilled applicants with appropriate employers. Because there are various sorts of placement agencies working with different types of clients, learning about them will help you decide if utilizing one is good for you.


Kisasa Institute of Adult Education does the same with its Preparing Older Youth for Success Program (POYS). Preparing Older Youth for Success is a workforce development program offered by Multicultural Community Family Services (MCFS) through a contractual agreement with Delaware County Workforce Development Board for out-of-school youth ages 18-24 residing in Delaware County.


The POYS services are offered through our general education in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. The program is geared toward re-connecting out-of-school youth with high-demand career pathways opportunities that will enable them to obtain and maintain employment and pursue enrollment into post-secondary education at local colleges or trade schools.


Our adult education services are geared toward guiding out-of-school youth to achieve a fulfilling career, such as obtaining a Customer Service Certification. Aside from that, we also gear our students with financial literacy, resume writing, job search, and interview etiquette skills. With these included in our program, we are confident in equipping our students with the techniques and abilities to land any job they want.


As a non-profit organization, we are focused on helping the delivery of culturally targeted workforce development and trauma-informed services for anyone seeking assistance.


For more details, call us at 484-461-8660 or 215-990-2369.

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