Aim for a Better Life with ESL Classes


As an immigrant in America, we all hope to live the American dream. Being able to work and earn more, having to enjoy freedom like no other, this is indeed the place to be. However, the reality is that we need to have the right set of communication skills to succeed in living in this country. It is great to have the work and life skills necessary but knowing how to communicate with other people is key to achieving your goals.


So, do you want to become a US citizen? Join Kisasa Institute of Adult Education for citizenship and English as a Second Language (ESL) classes! Our adult education programs are dedicated to giving hope to the less privileged youth in our community.


We understand that there are life circumstances that may have hindered them from pursuing their education or finding a stable job. Our team works tirelessly to help these individuals attain a better life and give back to their community through quality general education in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania.


As part of our program, we offer ESL and Immigrant Support to prepare the youth in succeeding and developing their English communication skills. Our well-trained and dedicated ESL teachers help the less privileged older youth gain linguistic advantage through comprehensive lessons. We look forward to providing immigrants with the opportunity to find a skill-fit job by improving their English communication skills, as well as providing them with a general education diploma in Pennsylvania.


We also provide a customer service certification to guarantee the skills and training that each of our older youth has undergone with us.


Learn more about our classes and other programs, and visit us at 7016 Terminal Square Suite 3A, Upper Darby PA 19082 today.

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