Advantages of Completing Higher Education

Advantages of Completing Higher Education

Getting back on your feet after incarceration is no doubt challenging. Aside from the very process of working for your general education diploma in Pennsylvania, you also have to maintain a positive mindset and psych yourself up to not give up every single day.

As an advocate for adult education in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania at Kisasa Institute of Adult Education, let us help motivate you by listing down the most important benefits of completing higher education. These include:

  • Civic engagement
    When former offenders have access to higher education, they can have the opportunity to be critically aware of the oppressive systems that come with incarceration and be part of the force that makes a significant social change.
  • Access to economic opportunities
    Many causes of incarceration are driven by poverty and lack of opportunities. By having access to general education in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere, former offenders can have higher chances of getting employed.
  • Gain social networks
    Having a community and social support is crucial to preventing reincarceration. Pursuing higher education and training, such as working for a customer service certification, for instance, can give them a community and access to a network of people who can inform their opinion as well as open doors to ideas and opportunities.

Are you a former offender looking to jumpstart your studies, career, and life? We can help! Our training programs are created to give people opportunities and resources to be the people they want to be. Call us today!

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