The Causes of the Lack of Education


Developed countries know the importance of education. That is why many of these countries, access to education is given. Unlike underdeveloped countries, they struggle in providing education access to their countrymen because, for them, they see education as a luxury that most of their people can’t afford. The reason why many people around the world don’t receive quality education and even have access to General Education in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania.


But what are the factors causing a lack of education in these countries? Why do they struggle so much in providing quality and accessible education? Listed below might be the possible causes.


  • Overlooking the importance of education
  • Lack of money and lack of funds to build a school
  • Inadequate teaching materials and poor sanitation
  • Unfavorable geographical position and receiving prejudice in some countries


We at Kisasa Institute of Adult Education understand there are life circumstances that may have hindered people from pursuing their education or finding a stable job. That is why our team works tirelessly to help these individuals attain a better life and give back to their community through quality Adult Education in Delaware County.


If you want to receive a General Education Diploma in Pennsylvania, we encourage you to enroll in our program. You don’t have to worry about money or anything. The funding of our programs is provided by the Delaware County Workforce Development Board, Pennsylvania CareerLink, United Way, TJX, and Companies.


So whether you want a diploma or Customer Service Certification, we can provide it for you. Enroll today.

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